All the work I have on my blog is original, and I have no reason to have it any other way. That being said, a pattern that I drew that my wife designed still fits that category, and it promotes her work, so I thought I would post it here as well. My oldest daughter is in a wheelchair, and for a long time, we struggled with keeping her warm in her chair. Blankets tended to fall off, then get run over by her wheels, and a coat just didn’t work to take on and off as we went inside and out. So my wife came up with this wheelchair cape to help our daughter stay warm when the weather was less than ideal temperature.

She sold the finished coats online for several years, but often ended up with customers who had measured wrong, or were unclear in their likes/dislikes. To solve this problem, she decided to offer the pattern she created as a digital download for customers to allow them to make unique clothing for their loved ones. Take a look, and if it fits your needs, or the needs of someone you know, pass the link along! Hopefully, it makes taking your loved one out in the weather more enjoyable, whether it be in a stroller, wheelchair, or carseat.

Purchase Pattern from Etsy

Wheelchair Coat by BeccaBug Designs
* Full disclosure: My child that is disabled is not the one pictured, because she is much less able/willing to pose.