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Black and White Alphabet and Numeral Backgrounds

I made these repeatable black and white (and white and black) alphanumeric backgrounds a while back and never shared them. The following characters are represented: A-Z 0-9 & @ $ #

Huntington Gardens and Library

On the third day of my “kidnapped” trip to California, we went to the Huntington Gardens and Library. It was quite spectacular. There were some very famous paintings such as “Blue Boy” and “Pinky” as well as a wide variety… Continue Reading →

Vehicle Details in Black and White

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You Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World

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Frozen Fog

With all the cold weather we’ve been having, the even the fog freezes. On my way to work, I happened across these and took some shots. Which one is your favorite? Purchase Print

One Barb

Water Over The Rocks

Into The Strands

Tire Sea Monster

Apollo Dancing Club

Cedar Shakes

Harrington School

Double Arched Pew

V-Neck Stripes

Buffalo Mane

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