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Happy 6th Birthday

I started this blog Jan 1, 2010 as a photo-a-day blog. It’s purpose has changed some since I started, and my free time has become more scarce, but I still enjoy creating and sharing my creations. Thanks for sticking with… Continue Reading →

Happy 5 Years to Me!

When I started doing this 5 years ago, little did I know I would still be doing it 5 years later. I grant you that the posts have been farther between than when I first started, but I am hoping… Continue Reading →

Come what may, and love it

It is with no small amount of thought that I write this post. Since January 2010, I have been posting photos daily. It started as a way to improve my photography by forcing me to get out and take more… Continue Reading →

Prints are Now Available on Smugmug!

All of the photos from this blog are available as prints on SmugMug. They are organized by subject matter, and many sizes are available, though some will require cropping. This includes many graphic design posters as well. If you have… Continue Reading →

2010 Statistics

365 photos 2.87 Gigabytes of photos 8811 rejected images 90 Gigabytes of rejected images 8125 Page views Average of 24 per day 723 Comments Average of 2 per picture Highest Month: March – 1321 page views Lowest Month: January –… Continue Reading →

Epilogue 2010

As the year closes, I would like to thank all those who commented or viewed the photos on this blog. Your comments and critiques helped me take just a little better picture each time, and try new techniques and theories…. Continue Reading →

Oh no!

I will miss some posts for about a week as my computer decided to bite the dust; my pictures are ready to be posted, but unfortunately, it won’t turn on; As soon as I get it fixed/back, I will post… Continue Reading →


Okay, I know I cheated — I missed a day, but I have a good excuse – I was in the hospital emergency room. I will try and plan better for the future and hope to continue my goal.

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