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Night-time Glow Sticks

After Halloween, the kids had some glow sticks, so I decided to do some long-exposure photographs in the evening. Despite no auto-focus and glow sticks of differing brightness, I think they turned out pretty interesting.

Pioneer Day Fireworks

In Utah, we celebrate the 24th of July as Pioneer Day.  It was on that day in 1847 that the Mormon Pioneers first entered the Salt Lake Valley. Along with the 4th of July, it is one of the days… Continue Reading →

Blurry Snowfall

Bumps on the Freeway

Smiling Lights

Night Beats

Texaco Stars

Floral Lights

Hearts in the Headlights

Heading Down The Road II

Heading Down The Road

Crater of Blue

Green Peak

The Blue Tower

Happy New Year!

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