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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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Work Will Win When Wishy Washy Wishing Won’t

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Family: Coming Together Is Beginning

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You Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World

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Success Is Measured By Willingness To Keep Trying

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The Thing About Life … It Goes On

Life Has No Meaning, You Do

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Bad Moment Can Still Be Great Life

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Bitter Rarely Makes Better

  So many times in life we are faced with unfortunate circumstances, and the only choice we are given is our reaction to the situation. Keep this saying in mind when faced with such a dilemma.   Purchase Print

What I Love Most About My Home

It’s true, you know…

Mormon Handcart Pioneers Infographic

Since going on a re-enactment of the Mormon Handcart Pioneer’s journey, I have become increasingly interested in just how they crossed the American Mid-West, and when. Click here to read about my 4-day Trek experience. After doing some research, I… Continue Reading →

Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional

My Greatest Blessings Call Me Mom

Six different color choices: Aqua, Brown, Green, Pink, Yellow and Purple. Copies are available as 8×10 or 16×20 prints starting at $7.50. Purchase Aqua Print Purchase Brown Print Purchase Green Print Purchase Pink Print Purchase Yellow Print Purchase Purple Print

God Gave Me What, You Gave Me Why

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Even the Darkest Hour

Never Let Someone Drive You Crazy

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La La La Whatever

One of the lines from one of my wife’s favorite songs. True about so many things. Really, just a fancier way of saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Purchase Print

Fame Is Not The Same As Success

Fame is not the same as Success. Many are famous, few are successful. Even less are both. Purchase Print

Love at Home

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Music Is What Feelings Sound Like

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Faith and Fear

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Don’t Hold Back Talent

Even if it’s only a talent to you… Purchase Print Here

Friday Freebie – Grosgrain Ribbons

Friday Freebie! – Printable / Downloadable Grosgrain Ribbons. The downloads below are a zip of each individual ribbon as a PNG perfect for scrapbooking etc. They are 2233 pixels wide and include the drop shadow. The PDF is sized at… Continue Reading →

Travel the World They Say

I made these posters the first part of this year, but thought I would share them with my followers. They are all available for purchase individually here and the whole set can be purchased for just $35 if you choose… Continue Reading →

Don’t Settle for a Prince

If there is anything I can instill in my daughters, THIS would be it. Purchase Print Purchase Print

Everything will be alright

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Take the Leap

So many times we fool ourselves into thinking we are “taking a leap of faith” when we aren’t. Going to work in the morning isn’t a leap of faith; taking a new job in a new part of the country… Continue Reading → Poster commission

I was recently contacted by to create or re-create some posters with quotes from LDS General Authorities and others. These are a partial result of this commission. You can purchase them here or see them on their facebook page

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