New Contest: This one slightly different.

  1. You must comment a total of 15 times by the end of March.
  2. You may comment on pictures from last year, but at least 5 need to be from 2011.
  3. There will be at least one winner, but maybe more, and they can choose from one of the following 9 photo sets. Images will be 4×6 and a set of 3 or 4 images depending on which set is chosen.
  4. I have not decided on framing options yet, but they will probably be framed separately if at all.
  5. For every 10 comments past 15, you will receive 1 additional entry into the contest.
  6. Comments must be meaningful, but can be as simple as: “Wow I like this because of…” or Don’t really like this one because of…”

Good Luck!