My brother-in-law and sister invited us to Ophir to go camping. I am not a huge fan of camping. I like everything leading up to sleeping in a tent, and then everything the next day, just the overnight part that is frustrating. I HATE being cold. Yeah, there are things you can do about that, but I cannot count the number of times I have awoken at 3 something a.m. and just laid there frustrated waiting until the point I could just get up and make a fire and continue the day.

Anyway, while we were out there I took a ride on the 4 wheeler and took some nice pictures to share. Prints are available here or here

Log Rail Fence Ophir

Lonesome Swingset Ophir

Ophir Vista

Mini Rockslide

Rusty Shed I

Rusty Shed II

Rusty Shed III

Rusty Shed IV