Come What May, And Love ItIt is with no small amount of thought that I write this post. Since January 2010, I have been posting photos daily. It started as a way to improve my photography by forcing me to get out and take more photos — Practice makes perfect they say. Well, it was a nice thought, and though I do believe I improved a ton in the first year and a half, since then, I think a lot of the photos have been somewhat lackluster. There is a reason for this. I felt so obligated to get out and take pictures, that the joy of taking pictures many times was non-existent. I clicked the shutter because I felt obligated to something. I am not sure to whom I felt the greater obligation to, me, since I had told myself I would do it, or my readers that I felt I would let down somehow.

I requested that people leave comments (which some did). But I really didn’t get the feedback as often as I wanted. Then I realized that this was partly my own fault. In an effort of something between vanity and a plea for recognition, I had simply posted a photo and said, “Tell me something about this” with nothing more than the title. This was not only unfair to my readers, but I was selling myself short. Instead, I needed to present the photo with my thoughts about why the photo was important to me, how it best fit in my style of photography, how I took it, something to make someone take into account what the photo before them was representing to me.

As I mentioned before, the daily photo was taxing, and I didn’t enjoy it anymore. With this in mind I have decided to change the purpose of this blog. No longer will it be a daily photo blog, but a blog about my creations. This, of course includes photography, but will also have the additional content of graphic design, crafts, printables, and anything else I create. It will probably not have daily posts, but I will still post quite often. The most important change will be that I will make an effort to provide a backstory or other content for each entry. I want you to know why I do what I do. I hope you will stay with me and find even more that intrigues you, and who knows, hopefully I can gain new recruits with this new format.

What do you think?

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