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I Fight Like A Girl

My wife’s favorite superhero is Wonder Woman, so I needed to make this for her. Purchase I Fight Like a Girl T-Shirt  

Superhero Paper Cut-Outs Multiples

As a followup to theĀ single superhero cutouts, here are smaller versions (in groupings of 16) for use in the classroom etc. I have added two additional versions (*No Capes!* as per Edna from the Incredibles request), but the rest remains… Continue Reading →

Superhero Paper Cut-Outs

My boys (and girls) love superheroes, and love to draw them. However, the younger ones sometimes struggle to get the shape they want. I made these cut-outs for them, and though they are labeled boy/girl, they obviously can be used… Continue Reading →

Ovengers T-Shirt

Buy an Ovengers T-Shirt. Though a kickstarter-like program, one of these beauties can be yours. Simply go to:Ā and commit to a $20 purchase, and if there are 30 orders made, they will be printed and shipped to your favorite… Continue Reading →

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