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Rustic Napkin Rings

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make some rustic napkin rings for Thanksgiving Dinner and other holiday festivities. They are super simple, though boring through the branch pieces can be a bit… Continue Reading →

Wyoming Ghost Town

I recently went to Southwestern Wyoming, and passed through an old mining town. I got some pictures (and a flat tire), but the pictures turned out nice. Purchase Print Purchase Print Purchase Print Purchase Print

Lake Tree

Flooded Shed

Forlorn Picnic

Lath and Plaster Highway

Hanging Bulb

Slow Decay

Fallen Arch

Empty Socket

Forgotten Chair

Riding the Rail

Blue Clover

Old School

No Riders

The Anvil

The Forge

The Sharpener’s Stone

Well Worn Wheels

Old Lock

Abandoned Homestead

Old Man Sparrow’s House

Little House in the Big Woods

Rusty Blades

Old Wooden Gate

Missing a Stave

Still Resting

You Might Be Missing A Piece


Well Ridden

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