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Autumn in Utah 2012 II

I hiked to Timpanogos Cave National Monument last Saturday, and besides the wonderful weather, the views were amazing. I thought I’d share them.

Geometric Shapes

How about some more free printables? 8 transparent png files measuring 2500 x 2500 px in 6 different colors for a total of 48 files. Download Free Geometry Printables  

Sixteen Chevrons

How about some FREE printable chevron patterns? Available in 16 shades, and 2 styles (transparent or white background), these are great for scrapbook page backgrounds. Measuring at 2500 x 2500 pixels, they should be large enough for almost any of… Continue Reading →

Start Where You Stand

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Stand Ye in Holy Places

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The Most Beautiful View

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You Don’t Get Harmony

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The World Molds Men…

Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional

Pansy Droplets

Our sprinklers come on early in the morning, so the other day I went outside to these in the flower garden. It’s not dew, but I think it looks awesome. Print available here Print available here Print available here

My Greatest Blessings Call Me Mom

Six different color choices: Aqua, Brown, Green, Pink, Yellow and Purple. Copies are available as 8×10 or 16×20 prints starting at $7.50. Purchase Aqua Print Purchase Brown Print Purchase Green Print Purchase Pink Print Purchase Yellow Print Purchase Purple Print

God Gave Me What, You Gave Me Why

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Tulips After the Rain

After several days of 75+ degree weather we had a rainy drizzle all day yesterday. Then at around 4:30pm the sun came out and I got these little numbers from our flower garden. Last year we bought some random bulbs… Continue Reading →

Daffodil Canopy

Faux Red

Wooden Rainbow

Hanging Bulb

Three Green Circles

Fleece Rainbow

Complicated Uselessness

Computer Refinery

Green Mists

Two Very Good Points

Christmas Rubble

Blue Wire Wheel

Musical Boardwalk

Paper Sunset

Harvest Wagon

Roast Suckling Pig


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