Creations out of the ordinary



Oh Say Can You See?

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Embrace Your Trials

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Father’s Day Poem

I found this as I was going through some old files on my computer the other day, and thought it quite fitting due to today being Father’s Day (at least in the USA). Happy Father’s Day everyone! Purchase Print

Remorse vs Regret

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God Gave Me What, You Gave Me Why

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Love at Home

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Never Give Up

So many times in life we have the tendency to give up based on the current circumstances. Not what they will be tomorrow, or even what they were yesterday. Just what they are now. Quite often we will find that… Continue Reading →

Come what may, and love it

It is with no small amount of thought that I write this post. Since January 2010, I have been posting photos daily. It started as a way to improve my photography by forcing me to get out and take more… Continue Reading →

Faux Red

Wooden Rainbow

Sermon on the Mount in Tile

Fleece Rainbow

Melted Muppet

Blue Wire Wheel

Musical Boardwalk

Lego Duplo Blue

Blue Water Spout

Twin Spires

Autumn Joy

Piles of Cotton

Car Medal

Blue Clover

The Pink Shoes

Three Knobs

Blue Door Detail

Baby Blues Only

Aquatic Adoration

Licking the Downpour

Empty Pool

Truck Lip Piercing

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